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ML Drill-Down Report show text not value for some characteristics (like SD Document)

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Hi Experts,

When I run the ML Drill-Down Report with output type "Object list" using t-code KKML0, there are some characteristics that show text not value (like SD Document, Category and Process Cat., as red rectangles in the picture below)

Could you please let me know how to show the value for these characteristics in the report?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

ere is our installed product version "SAP S4/HANA ON PREMISE 1709 02 (05/2018) FP".

Also I found that the report parameters will add a tab "Special sort" automatically if adding one of these three characteristics to be the characteristics of the report using t-code KKML2. I'm not sure whether relevant to the issue or not.

All the best,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In SM30, view V_TKAF_RE, application class KKML, choose characteristic display for KKML-VBELN = "2" (key).

Thanks for your blogs on ML in S/4HANA. Very interesting.

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Hi Robert,

You're the man. Thanks for helping me.

I followed the steps below to solve this problem at last.

1. SM30 > View: V_TKAF_DPR > Application class: KKML > Field: VBELN = "2" (Key)

2. Remove char. "SD Document" from my report by running KKML2, and save it.

3. Add char. "SD Document" to my report by running KKML2, and save it.

Now the problem is solved.

2504321 - KKML0 text for some fields are blank

All Best,


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