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Missing Links to Target Documents in Results of SQL-Queries

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After simple SQL-Queries particular fields in the result-table (DocNum, CardCode, ItemCode etc.) contain a link (the 'orange arrow') to the target document or target data.

If the query is a little more complex (e.g. with a declaration of a variable in front of the SELECT-statement or two SELECT-statements combined by UNION) the link (the 'orange arrow') is not present anymore.

It seems to be a bug in the SAP-BO software? I don't see any logical reason to suppress the link in the above mentioned cases.

Does anybody have run into the same problem and now if it is a bug of SAP-BO or an error on behalf of the user? Does anybody know a way to correct the problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Answered by SAP Support

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Hi Frank,

Would you be so kind as to share the solution with us?



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Dear Adele,

this is the answer I received from SAP Support:

<i>You would need the "FOR BROWSE" to get the "links" (orange arrows)...

Yet, if you have a Query containing a UNION, this won't work.

Kind regards,

William Post

Support Consultant

SAP Product Support for SAP Business One

SAP SSC Ireland</i>

I haven't tested this proposal since I'm currently not concerned with it. Would you please tell us your experiences with it here?

Best regards Frank

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Now I've had some time to test the FOR BROWSE statement proposed by SAP Support:

It works fine, the orange coloured link arrows appear in the query result.

Write the FOR BROWSE statement at the end of your query after all other statements.