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Missing entry in KSB1

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When comparing entries in FBL3N and KSB1 I've found that we're missing a line item between the two (it appears in FBL3N but not KSB1).  The two items have the exact same cost elements and GL Accounts, the only difference between the two is the dates/posting periods.  I understand that there are fundamental differences between what appears in FBL3N and KSB1 but if the documents are exactly the same except for the date/period, why is there only one value in KSB1?

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From your screenshot, it looks like you have a parked document that is not posted yet.  Parked documents don't get updated in CO until they are posted.  Try posting the document through FBV0 and check the table again.


PS: You can insert the images here by uploading them instead of linking from another site.  That way, it will stay with the question in context and will be helpful for others to refer.  Else, the images will error when the third party site deletes them.

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When I try and run it through FBV0 I get the following message:

Document is an accounting document (not a preliminary one)

So no luck there.

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Dear Tim,

If the Accounting document has posted, you can get those document in BSEG or BKPF.

And you can get the Cost element entries in the tables COEP, COSP & COSS.

Please check the above and compare with your line items.