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Missing activity fields in SDK SBO 93 PL07

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I'm trying to create an activity via DIAPI but cannot find these three fields inside "Other details" folder:

-Resourse No. (ResCode, OCLG)

-Activity type (ActType, OCLG)

-Cost Item (LaborItem, OCLG)

Does anyone know how to inform them? Are they included in the DIAPI?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Marc,

Those fields are not available today in DI API.

Please go to to create an improvement request for SAP Business One. See SAP Note 1028874 - Handling of Legal and Non-Legal Requirements for SAP Business One for details and process or also this blog.

Thank you.


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Hi Marc,

I have created the IR for this, please vote by using below URL.


Krishn Gupta

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Marc,

Do you have access to the SDK Help Center for your current 9.3 PL07 version?
If you have access (I don't have right now), have you already tried to see if you can find out the OCLG field names you are looking for?
The SDK Help Center lists for each DI API object (in this case Activities) all the DI API properties and their corresponding field name in the database.

Let me know if it is not there and I'll try to find out internally whether it has been added or not (and maybe just forgotten in the SDK Help Center), but before going for further researches I'll like to be sure the basic check has been done.