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Miro KDM and PRD

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Hi expert,

My problem was the wrong calculation of the value linked to the KDM and PRD transaction in the Miro.

The Local currency of company code is EUR . The exchange rate in GR was 0,92285 while the exchange rate in IR was 0,90082.

KBS   492.404,28    USD  and 443567,62  EUR

WRX  488.416,22    USD  and 450734,91  EUR

PRD   3.988,06        USD and  0,00            EUR

KDM   0,00              USD  and 7.167,29      EUR            

I don't understand why the system calculate the PRD in Eur equal to zero amount and the KDM in USD equal to zero.

Thank you

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Refer SAP Note 2171162


Biju K