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MIRO Issue

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1.When i am doing MIRO,the GR/IR value is 120.75

2.But i entered 120 in header as actual invoice value.

3.Now the system is posting the 0.75 to GAIN/LOSS SMALL PRICE DIFFERENCE -INVOICE GL Acccount

4.And also system is giving the warning message as given below

5.Kindly advice me why i am getting the warning message as given below

Warning message is -

Items cash 120.75 larger than open item amnts total 120.00

Message no. FF729


The discountable amount in the customer/vendor items is to be determined by the system. All cash discount relevant G/L account or asset items are added to this. The resulting total SY is larger than the total of invoice amounts .


If the calculated amount is not correct, specify the discountable amount specifically in the invoice items.

To avoid incorrect cash discount deductions, you can also enter the cash discount amount directly.

Kindly advice me



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Put the difference amount of 0.75 in the discount field of payment tab & try to post.


Sourabh Kothari

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