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MIRO : Invoice with both debit and credit

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We have following issue ,

A PO with 2 line items, with different price and net sum, item 2 has a higher value then item 1 .

Both lines have a  full GR done.

First PO line item also has a full Invoice Receipt.

Now an (2nd) invoice from vendor is received for this PO with both on this invoice :

- full credit for item one

- full debit for item two.

So means total net and gross sum of the invoice are positive amount, but one of the IR line items is negative (credit).

Is it possible to post this via MIRO with both items being posted against the PO so not using the GL account tab . It looks like IR for line item 1 is not being handled as credit ..

Example with amounts :

A PO with 2 lines

item 1 : 16 pieces at € 2 = 32 VAT 19%

item 2 : 12 pieces at € 3 = 36 VAT 19%

item 1 has already been invoiced , item 2 not yet.

We now receive one new invoice from the vendor that contains

- full credit for item 1

- full debit line for item 2

So invoice header amount is
Net sum : 28,00

Gross Sum 4,76

Tax : 0,76

And invoice ine items amounts are
1. 16 x -2 = -32 + tax

2. 12 x 3 = 36 + tax

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In this case you need to do IR for only second item with 36 + tax, Since you have already Invoiced the 1st item, you need to do MIRO with Credit Memo for the 1st item which will reverse the IR for 1st item with -32 + tax.

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We considered this option but this would mean we have to post 2 different documents for the same invoice. Hence the header amount in posting would not be equal to the header amount (net / gross sum) of the received document.

This is not allowed from legal perspective...

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The best practice would be to ask the vendor to submit 2 separate documents - an invoice for line item 2 and a credit memo for the line item 1, and then book them in SAP as separate documents. This would be a clear and legally correct way of accounting.