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MIRO document number display

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When ever i save my MIRO document it the document number is getting displyed in a dialog box.....How can i bring it in to the status bar...

Like other documents it is not coming in the status bar after clicking on the save button...Pls suggest

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Maintain User Parameters


For the logistics invoice verification, there are some user parameters that simplify daily work with the invoice entry transactions..

1. You are responsible only for company code 1000 in the invoice verification. Therefore, define company code 1000 in your user parameters. Ensure also that the parametersIVFIDISPLAY are active for your user so that doc no is displayed.


a) SystemUser Profile Own Data 

b) Choose the parameter tab


c) As a Parameter value fot thr Company code enter parameter ID (BUK) & the value say 1000.

d) Ensure that the Parameter value X is entered for the parameter IVFIDISPLAY

e) Finally SAVE

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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In the parameters tab of the user profile, you need to add the value of IVFIDISPLAY in the PARAMETER ID and with a value of X in order to see both the accounting and material document.

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check following SAP note

Note 634744 - Displaying MM and FI document number


Kailas Ugale