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MIRO; Determinatoin of Profit Center

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Hi Guys,

Please share your views on this query:

While doing MIRO, the system is deriving profit centre from the account assignment ignoring the profit center which is getting entered manually.

At the time of PO creation, the material used, does has right PC maintained in material master data, which is getting entered manually but at the time MIRO system is picking up/forcing end user with a message saying "Profit center was set to XXXX" to use a different profit center and stating that this profit center is getting derived from account assignment.

Anybody would be able to advise, how this profit center get derived in the whole process; creation of PO to MIRO. I am trying to find out how this different profit center is getting picked up by system when it is not maintained anywhere in material master or getting entered manually either.

Please advise.


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the profit centers are maintained in Material master

The Account assignment Objects like

cost center

Internal Order

WBS elements will also have Profit centers.

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Thanks for your reply!

Would you be able to comment, where else does MIRO pick up the profit centre from if there is different (profir centre) maintained in a material master data.

The material I am using in this purchase order, hasn't got profit centre 1101 maintained in master and still its picking up a different profit centre and before saving the MIRO transaction system asks "Profit Center was set to 1201"

Another thing I would like to share; at the time of transaction FB50 if I debit/credit GL Inventory Difference Loss account, it picks up Cost Centre 1201 by default, I would like to change it to 1101 so the posting could get directed to Profit centre 1101 as well. I could change and save desired cost centre here which means changing cost centre from 1201 to 1101 in FB50, which leads it to profit centre 1101 as desired.

Please advise and let me know if you would need to more information on this.