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MIRO currency is coming in display mode.

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Suppose I have generated an import PO.

In that Basic price is $100.

Also I have put 1EGP (Egyptian pound : project is in Egypt) for Customs conditon type and for Freight also put 1 EGP and for both of this , I have assigned different vendor ie clearing agent .

First the invoice came from the clearing agent with actual value of customs and freight.

So I have done MIRO , taking the tab 'Planned delivery cost ' and also PO number entered in the respective field.

Now in header level 'Basic Data-TAB' , after amount currency is coming as Dollar and also in 'Details-TAB' currency is coming as Dollar and also in display mode .

I am not able to change that and it should be changed to 'EGP' .

Please advice .Its very urgent .

Please advise me whether this is the right procedure .


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Whenever you want to change the currency that time when you go for MIRO first enter teh currenct key before entering PO number and hit enter buttom then you will be able to handle this kind of scinario

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi all,

We tried your solution in ECC6.0 and this doesn't work at all.

The currency is in display mode even before fill the order number.

Thanks for your help,

Grégoire SANQUER

ETAM - France

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Hi Grégoire SANQUER,

Go to MIRO transaction, Enter the Invoice date in Basic data tab, in the same tab u can find the amount field also. Just besides to tht u can see a field there u have to enter the currency in which u want to post the Planned delivery cost in MIRO.

If still u r unable to select the currency send me u r mail id, I will send u the screen shot.



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You must introduce the EGP currency in data tab in miro transaction before

introducing the po number.

This is as sap works for this matter.

Is the normal system behavior.

I hope this helps you to clarify your issue.