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MIRO - Baseline Date

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I received a request to grey the baseline date on MIRO.

Is this possible? If so, how?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am giving procedure and steps here.

Screen variants allow you to simplify screen editing by:

You can insert default values in fields

Hiding and changing the ready for input status of fields

Hiding and changing the attributes of table control columns

A screen variant contains field values and attribute for exactly one

screen. A screen variant may be assigned to multiple transaction



Assume: In MIRO, the business wants the BASELINE DATE field to be made


1). Click on F1 in the Baseline date field and in technical info, note

down the program and screen in u201Cscreen datau201D area

2).Goto T-Code SHD0 and enter the t-code, and in screen variant tab, enter

the name of the screen variant. Enter the "program name" and "screen number".

By entering this, we can save time by directly going to that particular

screen, otherwise, system would take through all available program and

screen numbers for the t-code.

Click on, u201CCreateu201D

3).Next, youu2019ll get this MIRO screen, double click on u201CBaseline dateu201D, before that empty the field data

4).Youu2019ll get the screen, here you can see that, the screen variant

Name is shown, select u201COutput Onlyu201D option against the u201CBaseline Dateu201D

Field. Also select copy settings checkbox. Click u201CExit and Saveu201D button

5). Next, youu2019ll get one more screen, if you want, enter some short text for the

Screen variant, then click on save.

6).A popup window will come, asking for package details. Please get package deatils from your ABAPer, (You can get package details from SE93, there you mention in T.code field "MRIO" -> Display then you will get Package details as "MRM" this standard SAP package.if you have given this package name here, whenever you are going for upgradation, some queries will come. Hence check with your ABAPer and do according his / her suggestion.)

7).Come back and click on the transaction variant tab, enter a name for

the transaction variant. You can many number of screen variant to a transaction variant.

8).Click on u201CInsert Rowu201D and enter the screen variant name which was


9).Enter the name and click on the u201CFloppy disk-Saveu201D button

10.)If we goto MIRO, still the Baseline date will be in editable mode

11).Goto Standard Variant tab and enter the transaction variant name,

Click on the u201CActivateu201D button

12).Now, when we goto MIRO, we can see that the u201CBaseline Dateu201D field

has been made as display only

System Required Request and please remember you have to give "WORKBENCH REQUEST ONLY"

Hope it is clear

Thanks and regards,


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This is SO helpful ... but this is the next problem ..

1. I've identified the SAP Package wit SE93 as "MRM".

2. When I select this package, I get the following message:

Original system set to "SAP"

Message no. TR041


You want to create the objectR3TR SCVI BASELINE OUTPUT ONLY ON MIRO_1 in the software component SAP_APPL. However, in this SAP system software component SAP_APPL has been set so that no original objects can be created.

System Response

The original system of the object is set to SAP.

What now?

3. A previous developer created a screen variant to make "Business Area' compulsary. How can I see to which package he assigned this to?

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Problem solved with SE80.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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use tcode SHD0 for this and it can be made user specific.

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Thanks, but can you expand on he steps.

The program name is SAPLFDCB, Screen 0020.

Do I create a new transaction variant? I got to a stage where I must put a SAP Package?