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MIR7- how to get just the selectioned items after simulate

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Hi experts.

In transaction MIR7 I have to search and pick the concerned items from the worklist in MIR7. I simulate and when i get back I get all the items. is there any trick or method to leave just the selectioned items after simulation

thank you in advance. Regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi, check this:

mir7 showing all items on po

pay attention to Vikki22´s answer:

"I think you meant to say that the line items already processed aren't selected and the ones to be processed are selected?

There is an icon near the bottom of the screen that looks like a refresh icon.

If you hover over it, it says delete items not selected.

If the users click on this, all processed items will be removed and they will only see ones to be processed.

I am not sure if they have this same icon in your version."

hope it helps

Best regards,


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Thank you Mr.Pablo for your time and for the support.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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when I use this transaction (MIR7) and use the PO Reference tab, enter a PO the data that comes back is all the items. If the item has already been processed it comes back with being selected. If the item needs to be processed it comes back with it selected. What I am trying to do is remove the items that have not been selected. So that the users do not need to go through all items, they should only see what is needed to be parked. If we have a Purchase Order that has over a 100 lines, they do not want to have to review all items.