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Minimum gurantee PMIN

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Hi Experts,

We have to set a minimum gurantee condition in a way that, if the net value calculated in a sales order is less than the minimum value then the minimum vaule should be charged in the sales order.

E.g If Calculated Net Value < Minimum value : Then the Minimum value becomes the Net value

If Calculated Net Value > Minimum value : Then the Net value is unchanged

The problem is there is a condition PMIN which is for Minimum gurantee but it is calculated per unit but cant be used for the comparing the Net value for the total quantity.

E.g quantity 10 @ 5:00 USD per unit = 50(Net value)

and let say the Minimum gurantee is 55, the system should add up the less 5 in the net value

But ti use PMIN we have to set PMIN as 5.5 per unit so that its 55

But we need a condition so that it checks the 55 against the total net value.

Please suggest if there is any standard offering for the same.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Monti,

In the condition type, go to calculation type and choose the option: B (Fixed amount); also in the Condition cathegory choose the option H (Basic price).

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Montee,

Is this minimum guarantee condition material specific?

I suggest just maintain a condition type which would hold the minimum guarantee value in its condition record and insert a routine in the procedure against the net value row which would just compare the calculated net value with that condition value and pick up whichever is greater.

You can maintain this condition on a general access sequence where the routine can search for.