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Milestone Trend Analysis (MTS)

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Hi Friends,

Kindly help me to work on Milestone Trend Analysis and answer for the below question.

( I created a WBS element contain network header with set of activities. For each activity I assigned milestone by selecting the usage Trend Analysis, with POC 100%. And I set u2018offset to finishu2019.

By maintaining normal duration in the activity I scheduled the project.

By executing the CNMT, I am finding the dots with different colors horizontal to milestone dates.)

1 What is Reporting dates means?

2 How to maintain the Reporting dates?

3 What are Historical Curve and Historical Milestones? How to get it in the MTA chart?

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Reporting dates are nothing but actual dates entered Manually entered, once a milestone is met, or

In case of POC, Automatically copied from the confirmation, if the degree of processing is greater or equal to the percentage of completion in the milestone.

Historical curve

This standard view displays those milestones that have the MTA indicator set at the time of the current report.

These milestones are displayed across the entire reporting period, also when the indicator was not set for them at an earlier reporting time.

Historical milestones

In this view, those milestones for which the MTA indicator was set at an earlier reporting time are displayed. The indicator is not set for them for the current reporting period

To study variance in the plan and actual dates

Check the report in easy access (s_alr_87013538)-Logistics-Project system-Information System-Financial-Costs-Plan Based- Hierarchical-Project version Comparison: Actual/Plan

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Milestone trend analysis

We can perform Milestone Trend Analysis as mentioned below.

1. Creating a version profile (Pre requisitive)with MTA indicator checked.

T.code- OPST

Remember to declare System status and version nos.

2. Assigning the version profile to project profile

T.code u2013OPSA

3. Create a project using same project profile


4. Perform Basic Date planning

5. Add Milestones with Trend analysis indicator checked.

6. After saving the project check for milestone trend analysis (MTA) graph.


Note: MTA curves are developed based on actual reporting dates (Your computer date). So create a project with small duration( 4 days). The curve will be developed as the days get elapsed.

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Go through SAP Help to understand the basic concept of Milestone Trend Analysis. Its explained clearly there.

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Thanks Gokul for the replay.

If possible kindly answer for the following question.

1 What is Reporting dates means in MTA?

2 How to maintain the Reporting dates in MTA?

3 What are Historical Curve and Historical Milestones? How to get it in the MTA chart?

4 How to steady the variance in the plan and actual dates?