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Milestone confirmation - not confirming the previous setup times.

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Dear SAP gurus,

I want to confirm setup time on a previous operation (0040) automatically by doing a Milestone confirmation on the next operation (0060).

Setup is defined in 0040, Machine and Labor are in (0060). Reason is split of capacity planning and costing.

I want to do one confirmation in 0060 and wanted 0040 to be done (and hence set-up) automatically.

I tested 0040 with values = '2' or '3 , or ' ' (confirmation required, not possible, possible but not required.

and 0060 with value = '1' in the control key.

0040 is not showing a CNF status, it stays in REL status,

though 0060 is in MILE status, with order header as CNF.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

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Answers (2)

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Must be relationship between the phases 0030, 0040 with 0050

0030 and 0040 predecessor of 0050

It must work

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The issue was - no relationship was defined between the phases.

Thus all the phases were by itself. One I defined the relationship, it worked well with MILE CONF.

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Dear Mr.Patra,

I hope that u r using Tasklist type N, since u want to confirm operation 40 with mile stone confirmation with 60, u need to maintain the setting for operation 50 allso as confirmation possible as like as 40. when u confirm the 60, since it is mile stone, i goes and confirms all operations untill it finds another confirmed operation. if u r confirming 50 and then confirms 60, then it will not go and confirm the 40. because it finds 50 is confirmed.

I hope this will help u, reply the results



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Task List: Master Recipe, N

operation = 0030

phase for 0030 = 0040

non-mile stone.

0030 and 0040 have the same control key with no milestone confirmation.

operation = 0050

phase for 0050 = 0060.

0050 and 0060 have the same control key with milestone confirmation.

What combination should I put in 0030, 0040, 0050, and 0060, so that if I confirm 0060 only, all the previous operations and phases get confirmed?

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Dear patra,

if u r using Master recipe then tasklist is not N, it is 2. i think u r using process order. tell me u create order at CO01 or COR1?. put same control key for 30 and 40 as confirmation possible setting. For 50 and 60 put control key with MILE. i hope this will solve


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process order, task list type = 2.

Settings -

0030 and 0040 = conf possible but not required

0050 and 0060 = milestone.

Same issue:

0030 and 0040 stayed in REL.

0050 and 0060 get CNF with MILE.