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Migration of Historical Orders

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There is a requirement from Client to Migrate Historical orders to SAP...

Which methodology can be used???

I had a look at LSMW by using standard BAPI 'BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'...

The issue which we face here is 'Refernce date' is not available in the above BAPI, but it is mandatory field for Creating

Historical orders( IW61 transaction)...

If we use Recording, we face some challenges when migrating Historical orders with Multiple Operations

Could you please suggest which is the best way to migrate Historical orders in SAP???

Quick response will be much appreciated....



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I think you should go for the BDC Upload Method which handle "n" of Operation and Refrence date issue by writing the code in the BDC programming after Recording via SHDB.LSMW Recording Method having some restriction for controlling Number of Operations and Its component assignmnet also for Upload of Long Text for Operations.