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Migration of company code and plant directly on database

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Hello all,

In my company we have 4 business divisions each with its own company code and plant. We have a task to put all 4 under the same company code and plant, separating them by business area.

I want to discuss what issues(if any) can occur if I change the company code and plant of all projects and its objects, including project definition, WBS element, network header and network activity. Can someone contribute?

The other option is to close all projects and recreate on the new plants which will cost us a lot of money since we have a lot of them, on many systems, with many interfaces and I want to avoid it.

Some info regarding other objects:

All PRs and POs will be recreated. Work centers will also be recreated on the new plant. The cost centers which are settled to will be migrated on database level. Assets will be recreated.

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you cannot change the organisational data. once the posting has been done.

You can do the following steps:-

1. Settle the cost of that project.

2. Close the project and also return the budget.

3.  Open the new project with remaining budget.

4 Maintain the settlement receiver same as old project due to this whatever get posted in new project , all cost get merge in same settlement receiver which will be helpful from finance point of view.


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You can't change the CC in WBSE once some posting have done in project.

You should:

1) Complete/close your open items

2) Return your available budget from Projects

3) Settle and close the Projects

4) Recreate new Projects with all necessary objects.



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HI Alexandre,

Yes, you need to recreate your projects and its objects. You cannot change a company code if the object has FICO information. But you only need to recreate projects with open objects (closed projects should are not needed).