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Migration Cockpit - Data Transformation Capability

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Hello Experts,

I am working in a scenario wherein we have to migrate data from non-SAP to SAP S4HANA 2021.

I would like to understand whether Migration Cockpit and/ or Migration Object Modeler (LTMOM) has the capability to perform complex transformation, i.e. transformations where we have to refer multiple source tables or lookup tables to find the transformed value of a source field data.

OR, we have to use SAP BODS for complex data transformation ?

Your response is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Amit,

you have to provide all needed Data for a Migration Object. Migration Cockpit is not a ETL tool so you are not able to extract data from any source or format.
You can use any ETL tool to populate your HANA staging tables. Define where do you want to apply your transformation logic for HANA .

If you have to apply some transformations for more than one Migration Object it could be a smart decision to do it in a Migration Cockpit Project. This is only valid for date that is already in HANA staging tables.



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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your revert and apology for coming back late.

My question is very specific to the "capability of migration cockpit and object modeler in applying complex transformation rules on source field data to make it fit for the target data structure."

We usually have to perform various complex logics, look-ups, ref. to other data from source or target system to find the actual data for many fields before we load that data. For example: Pricing conditions, wherein source data has a completely different pricing condition types and Target system has different condition types, such as converting from customer to customer group (KVGR1), material to material group, customer to hierarchy customer, pricing calculations, adjusting rebates etc.

Applying any sort of transformation logic on source data to fit to target data structure is easier in data services. What in case if we are not using BODS:

Can complex transformation (as stated above) be done in migration cockpit and object modeler ?

Do we have any Badi or Events wherein we can do the necessary enhancements for data transformation?

Will such enhancements be complex in nature and would require ABAP Developer in the Data Migration Workstream ?