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Migrating DMS atttachments from vault to External content server

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I have a requirement to migrate the attachments from vault to external content server via KPro. My research shows two reports will help archive this



but documentation is NOT clear about while conversion is going on how new attachments will go to external content server? If I check KPro tick on document type (DC10) will that new attachments archive to external server while migration is going on . please help


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Answers (2)

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From SAP support and my research , You will have to check-in all the originals before running the report . Also once the report finish document type automatically convert it to KPro .

It appears like you have to wait for the conversion to complete before attaching new originals.

let me know if there are any other ideas.


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So, When I run the report DMS_Convert_KPro it gives me an error " The Knowledge provider using the document type ARW as a content storage" . I understand this message comes in because in DC10 KPro is tick since we want new attachments go to external storage.

Now the question is , how I can have new attachments goes to external storage while running the report? please help.