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Migrate your data Fiori app - Downloaded CSV file issue

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After downloading template in CSV format through Fiori App Migrate your data, we have received a zip file and after unzipping the same we are getting several CSV files with technical names as column headings only.

This is unusual as it is expected to have one file with multiple pages inside it with column heading, descriptions and directions with other details.

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When you download the CSV template files, the system generates a zip file that contains CSV template files for each data structure of the migration object you selected. In the first row of a CSV template file, you can view the technical names of the fields.

For your quick access to videos that are relevant for data migration with CSV files to SAP S/4HANA, please check the section "The following video shows the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit using the migration approach Migrate Data Using Staging Tables and CSV files" in the following link:

Video Library for Data Migration | SAP Help Portal

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The link in the comment does not work anymore but the video can be accessed here

Furthermore, however, downloading XML does not work. 


Also, when trying to open the CSV, the following occurs. 



Thus, neither XML nor CSV can be utilized in the migration cockpit at the moment. Please provide support.