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Migrate to MDG on SQL to MDG on S4/HANA

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We have installed and configured a sandbox MDG 9.0 on SQL FES 4.0, MDG UI etc. on Microsoft 2016 Server and SQL Server 2016. But now it is decided in the project to run MDG on S4/HANA 1709 instead to get access to all S4/HANA possibilities.The customer needs the MDG environment fast. And the S4/HANA decision might delay the project. So what is best and fastest?

  • 1.Install MDG with S4/HANA and redo all MDG configuration manually?
  • 2.Migrate current MDG (S60) to S4/HANA?
  • 3.Install MDG with S4/HANA and migrate S60 MDG configuration with some migration tool? Is such MDG S4/HANA migration tool existing?

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