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MIGO to receive by PO or Inbound delivery number?

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I've created a Inbound delivery with 2 line item for a PO. Then do MIGO receipt by Inbound delivery number.

In MIGO screen, only 1 line item display. It supposed 2 line item (inbound contain 2 line item).

So far, I havn't receipt any for this PO. Please advice.

1. Why MIGO only display 1 line?

2. If I receive by using PO number, is any impact on my Inbound delivery?


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Answers (2)

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If 2 line item are same material then in MIGO consider only one line item of the Goods receipt. Because the Inbound delivery of 2 line items u are receiving on the same posting date.

MIGO only look wether you are recing parcial or full order qty. If account assignemnt category or Multiple storage location then you can divide that in the same multiple line items.


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You can receive the goods either by inbound delivery or by PO reference.

Please check the confirmation tab in the PO for item 2.The confirmations might be pending.


Satish Purandare