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MIGO - how does sap cal the value in 'Amount in LC'?

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1. ME23N, we define ‘Net Price’ = 1.00 AUD.

2. Dill down to the Material Document

in the tab 'Quantity', the values in the fields are:

Qty in Unit of Entry=1 EA

Qty in Delivery Note 1 EA

Amount in LC 19,528.20

Quantity Ordered 13,765.700 EA

Quantity Received 13,765.700

My question is :

Why ‘Amount in LC’ = 19528.20 ?

according to my testing, ‘Amount in LC’ should be = ‘Net Price’ * ‘Qty in Delivery Note’= 1.00 * 1 = 1.

Much appreciate ur help.


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See whether the Net price of 1 AUD is actually 1 AUD per 1 EA or something else

Also tell what is your Co Code currency. It should be different from AUD.


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Thanks for your help.

EA is short for "Each". EA is not a currency.

and the company code currency is also AUD - Australia dollors

thanks a lot

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Appreciate if anyone could help on this?

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The system calculates the Amount in LC in 2 ways.

1. If valuation margin is maintained for the article/material

then system subtracts the margin from purchase price.

2. If the article is value only article then the system follows the above procedure or it multiplies the sales value by cost multiplier.

cost multiplier = delivered value/sales value.