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MIGO Goods Receipt multiple Movement Types?

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Is it possible with MIGO Goods Receipt using Inbound Deliveries to have multiple movement types? the reason I ask is I am getting the following error 'BORGR622 Movement Type XXX not allowed; only 101 is allowed' when trying to receipt a Line no. with different Movement Type to the earlier lines.

We do have the same problem if we receipt in MIGO Goods Receipt directly to the Purchase Order, we can happily post a document which has the normal '101' movement type and another Custom movement type.

The reason for the requirement is to do with Account Determination, we have free bonus goods lines which are zero price on the purchase order - the price difference gets posted to a bonus stock account instead of the usual price difference account, by using a Custom Movement Type - the bonus stock agreement (kind of like BOGOFs Buy One get one free) is passed to the Customer with similar account determination updating the same bonus stock account.

This works fine for MIGO receipt directly with the Purchase Order but we get the error message above with Inbound Deliveries.

I cannot see anywhere obvious in config which might sort this issue, but am unsure why multiple movement types on a Goods Receipt would be allowed against a Purchase Order but not an Inbound Delivery.

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Try with the below mentioned settings,

goto SPRO -> Materials Management -> Inventory Management & Physical Invetory -> Settings for enjoy transactions -> Settings for good movements(MIGO) -> Settings for transactions & reference documents -> select MIGO_GR -> Click on transaction/event -> select goods receipt -> click on reference documents -> remove the tick mark on active.