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MIGO error "Combination of plant & material type"

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Dear Experts,

during migo,its giving the following error message.

I checked in T134M,there are entries for combination of valuation area and material type.

I also checked in Configuration "Assign Plant to company code" (OX18), so against a company there are 2 plants.

Is that the reason its throwing error.But logically i can have any no. of plants against a company code.

Pls help.



Combination of plant 9999 and material type Raw material does not exist

Message no. M3375


You have entered a combination of material type and valuation area for the plant that is not defined in the system.

System Response

An entry made up of this combination is normally created automatically for all valuation areas in table T134M if you execute the function Edit material type in Customizing for the corresponding material type and then save your data.

The absence of an entry can be due to you setting up and assigning an additional plant to a company code. Although the system then determines the respective company code automatically, it does not create an entry in table T134M for the existing material types in this case.


Contact your system administrator so that the corresponding combination can be entered in table T134M.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Very fistly check the at what level does the valuation takes place...

Then make the assignment for the account dertermination, with the proper valuation grp code assigned to the material type and valuation...

check your assignments here;

SPRO >> MM >> valuation and account assignment >> valuation w classification >> here check for first 3 transactions...

and then check at OBYC...



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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The above two threads will put yr problem solved..


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Go to T code SM30 and maintain the table T134M

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Check in OMS2, for material type (raw material) quantity and value updation is checked for plant (valuation area). I hope entry is missing here.


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thanks,now it solved.