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MIGO Error : Message no. MLCCS009

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Dear Friends,

I am facing a problem with MIGO, getting the error while saving the MIGO for GR, The error is

"MLCCS009 'Internal error in LMLCCS_UPDATEF02 LCL_TOOL method fill_key position A with RC 1"

The steps I was excuted : Tcode MIGO > given the PO Number > Given the Delivery Note Number > Hit enter buttun > Select the ITEM OK check box in bottom > click the SAVE button.

The the error is coming "

Internal error in LMLCCS_UPDATEF02 LCL_DB method get_normvector position A with RC 1

Message no. MLCCS009

Pls let me know how to fix and what is reason for this error????

Thanks in advance


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Answers (7)

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you activated cost component structure after activatating material ledger

check ckmlcr or mbew for the plant and materils, all the materils need to have standart price (0 not acceptable)

you can run FCMLHELP_SPRICE_CCS_INIT in test run mode to find the materials as well

if you have some materials with 0 standart price change them to new price in mr21 (if they dont have stock) else use material cost estimate (ck40n) to change the standart price to not 0 one

after that run FCML4H_CCS_STARTUP program for the plant

Best regards


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Running a process FCML4H_STARTUP use for SAP S4 HANA.

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Message no. MLCCS009

Check note 584904


G. Lakshmipathi

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Kindly check note 639675

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perhaps that is the solution of your problem

OSS Note: 708876


The system generates error message MLCCS009 'Internal error in LMLCCS_UPDATEF02 LCL_TOOL method fill_key position A with RC 1.'

Other terms


Reason and Prerequisites

You have activated the material ledger with actual cost component split.


Check whether you have activated actual costing in Customizing for the material ledger. If necessary, activate the actual costing for all plants for which you have activated the actual cost component split.

If the problem occurs when you post invoices refer to Note 584904.

With Note 710808, the Customizing transaction for activating the actual cost component split is enhanced by a corresponding consistency check. In addition, a corresponding check is implemented in Customizing check-transaction CKM9.