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Mid-year Asset Migration - Assets capitalized on 2017

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Hi experts,

We need to migrate Fixed Assets from an ECC system to our SFIN system.

Due to the Client’s requirement all assets will be migrated as new ones, capitalized on 2017. For this reason, our traditional BAPI migration is generating the error that indicates that we cannot posted legacy values for an asset capitalized on this same year. Basically we need to simulate AB01 using the transaction type 154 but have not been able to correctly posted the values to the Fixed Asset.

When we try to create an Asset in S/4 Hana using the BAPI BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE, we get the error "Table CUMULATEDVALUES" not allowed when capitalization date in takeover year". For this we are using the Tables: DEPRECIATIONAREAS, TRANSACTIONS and CUMULATEDVALUES.

If we don´t use table TRANSACTIONS the error is the same.

If we use the Tables: DEPRECIATIONAREAS, TRANSACTIONS and POSTEDVALUES; the error is : "No document number found for entry view for document type"

If we use the tables: DEPRECIATIONAREAS, POSTEDVALUES; the error is "Not possible to transfer posted values for asset PA02 INTERN-00004-0 01; base amount missing".

We appreciate any help sabout something that is required to be done in the call of this BAPI, as it may well be to use some segment of this BAPI, or to remove some information that is being transferred to the BAPI.

The call to the BAPI that we are doing is:



testrun = lv_testrun

key = in_key

createsubnumber = lv_createsubnumber

generaldata = in_generaldata

generaldatax = in_generaldatax

inventory = in_inventory

inventoryx = in_inventoryx

timedependentdata = in_timedependentdata

timedependentdatax = in_timedependentdatax

allocations = in_allocations

allocationsx = in_allocationsx

insurance = in_insurance

insurancex = in_insurancex

postinginformation = in_postinginformation

postinginformationx = in_postinginformationx

origin = in_origin

originx = in_originx


companycode = lv_companycode

asset = lv_asset

subnumber = lv_subnumber

assetcreated = lv_assetcreated


return = out_return

depreciationareas = in_depreciationareas

depreciationareasx = in_depreciationareasx

postedvalues = in_postedvalues

cumulatedvalues = in_cumulatedvalues

transactions = in_transactions.

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