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MF60 not pulling up the materials

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I ensured all the config necessary for the MF60 pull list but still the component materials not coming up in the pull list.

This is for the repetitive manuf scenario, FG = rep-01 has one sfg rep-sfg-01.   with MRP = PD / MRP Group = 10 - Strategy group = 10 (Make to stock)

Stock determination rule..maintained for the pull list for both inventory and also for REM Profile.

Repetitive planning table has the demands in it...MD62 reflects that. MRP ran and Planned orders were created for both the FG and SFG....Also Stock is available for the SFG in the issuing storage location...

General Settlings in MF60 is checked for everything

But when i execute nothing is coming up in the list

Stock determination rule has 311 movement type for plant 1200 with priority of the storage location as 0001 which is a production storage location and has stock in it 10000 EA.

Could anyone tell me where i might have gone wrong?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Venkat

                    Please refer

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Dear Puri

Thank you for your reply...I have solved the the material master I missed to notice the production storage mistake it was the same SLOC 0001 which was used when creating the material...if the prod sloc and the material sloc are same then sap MF60 txn will not pull the material which is quite natural..staging is only when the RM Sloc and the Prod. SLoc are different...

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