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message when changing order qty < confirmed qty in PO

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How to handle the following scenarion

We place a purchase order for 100 Qty and the vendor confirms for 100 and we update the confirmation quantity.

then our requirement goes down and we agree with the vendor to reduce the PO from 100 to 70 and then change the PO quanity but we did not update the Confirm quantity, MRP still thinks 100 qty as the Confirmed.

Is there anySAP can issue warning message or error in PO when we change the order quantity which makes it less than the confirmed quantity


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Answers (2)

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I have an issue that pretty close with this topic.

Regarding to changing order Qty after a confirmed qty is appear, I need to update that confirmed qty must follow the order qty.

As showed by Venkatesh from his sample, he changed from 100 to 70. How can I update confirmed qty become 70. It means that confirmed qty must not exceed than order qty.

In which exit or any perform I can do to trigger this process? Or anyone has the idea?

Kindly if someone could help me.

Best regards,


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hi, try setting up below messages as warning in SPRO>mmpurchasingenvironment datadefine attribute of system messages-->system messages

there try setting up message ME 545 or ME 637 -- then try changing PO qty other than confirmed qty, you should get a warning message.