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Message no. M7328 deficit of delivery quantity when doing MIGO 105

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we have the following scenario:

one of our processes in purchasing and IM, is to receive the material with Mvt 103 and release it from blocked stock with Mvt 105.

suddenly, we started having issues in releasing the material:

Mvt 105 and also if we try to reverse the Mvt 103, give the message of Deficit of Delivered blStck qty 1 PC.

in MMBE I can see the material is there and I have checked all the movements.

this material is not new and has been received previously with 103/105 in this plant.

Any ideas of what I might additionally check?

thank you


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found the issue:

vendor confirmation is being done per EDI with an external tool and when the confirmation is changed, the sequential number (EKBE-ETES) changes.

so when the GR for 103 is done, it creates a record in EKBE with seq number of the existing confirmation and if the confirmation is being changed after that, the seq number is being overwritten and when MIGO 105 is being performed, it does not find the original record in EKBE anymore