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Message no. M7043

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we have one issue with movement type 301 for a material for which active incredient solution is used.

in first plant for the same material, batch management is not activated and no split valuation (active incredient management)

in second plant for the same material, batch management isactivated and split valuation (active incredient management) is active.

When we are using 301 for the material for transfer from first plant to second plant, messahe M7043 appears.....

"Valuation type 0000000809 differs from valuation type of batch 0000000810

Message no. M7043


could you please suggest?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sarang,

You have touched the soft spot i guess..

In my past experience, stock transfer for a material which is batch managed should be batch managed in other plant too for a successful posting..

in one of the client , i worked with , we ended up creating another material which is not batch manged in receiving plant and then did the transfer.

I would request you to please hold you decision till you get further suggestion from other experts in the MM forum.



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