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Message no. BS051

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For a sales order a billing document is created after that billing document is reversed but no accounting entry generated

From VA02 it shows the following error message -

"FI: Postings" not allowed (Sys. status LKD, object VB0030009866000010)

Message no. BS051


The status check for the status object VB0030009866000010 indicated that the procedure "FI: Postings" cannot be performed because Sys. status LKD forbids it.

System Response

Procedure "FI: Postings" is not performed.


If procedure "FI: Postings" is to be performed, the Sys. status LKD of object VB0030009866000010 must be reset.

Other statuses than Sys. status LKD can also prevent the procedure. This message does not tell you all statuses which currently prevent procedure "FI: Postings".

How to solve the error?


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Go to VA02, input the sale order reference and execute. From top menu bar, click on Goto > Header > Status. There again click on "Object status" and check whether any lock is there. If so, change it if you have the authorisation and then retry


G. Lakshmipathi

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Lakshmipathi ,

Thanks for your reply

Yes, in overall blocked status field it shows blocked.

How to change it?

The change option is hidden.....

Is it possible to change from there


Dhiman Ghoshal

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Thank you

Problem solved

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I wanted to create an order with VA01, and I had an offer as an example. I had same problem. I changed it in VA22 as you proposed, and it worked. Thank you