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check the variant in the job,

  1. key date should be today - use a variable to ensure this.

or a radio button option in program RPRAPA00

  1. Employment status should be active
  2. Subtype Address should be Permanent residence
  3. Subtype Bank Details should be Travel Expenses
  4. in vendor master tab, under maintenance mode, selected initial set up
  5. reference Vendor must be set up in company code and in the company code with travel privileges
  6. path should be correct in AL11
  7. in process mode -update run should be selected
  8. the job should be set up for background run
  9. Client in work file should be client # and it should be correct
  10. User in work file should be JOBRUN


Arvind Pereira

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if you do not see the personnel area in the variant, please add that from the variant layout.

Go to further selections tab, select personnel area and drop it to the right, click on the tick mark.

go to multiple selection tab, and remove the areas that have not been defined in table T500P.

save the varaint and re-run the job again.


Arvind Pereira