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Message KS133 when I try to modify CeCo validad date

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Hello ,

I need your support, Im getting the KS133 error message (without table reference) when I try to modify CeCo validad date, I delete the kp26 price list but the problem still persist.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Federico,

The error message KS133 is justified if you have actual postings on the cost element in question.

Master data (CO element, CO center,...) can only be changed/deleted if no dependent data (plan and actual data) exist in the relevant fiscal year. This is standard to prevent data inconsistencies in the system.

Please take a look at notes [37093|] & [38955, |]which explain how to delete cost elements where there is dependent data. Please read them carefully and make sure that you really want to remove dependent data from the record.

The following information may be helpful as well.

"the cost element can only be deleted, if you delete first the entries of following tables: COEP (CO object: period-related line items),

and with the information document number and line item of COEP you can delete the entries in table COBK (CO Object: Document header). The name of the summarized table is COSP (CO Object: Cost Totals - External Postings). The last table is the most important one it is the control table

The Transaction KA04 will select this table before deleting a cost element. Its name is COKA. If you delete all entries it should be possible to change your cost element."

Even if the COEP table line items are 'zeroed out, they are still considered as line items. Please review your COEP table. If there

is a posting to the cost element, you can reverse the posting so that that the cost element has a zero balance, ('zeroed out'). Then please review attached note [175522|] and try running report RKACOR21 described in the note. Please try this in your test system first.


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