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message IW805 in IW32 personel number not assigned to workcenter

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we are busy implementing the enhancement packages.

now the system suddenly reacts differently since the productive system went to stack 15 and gives a message when a personel number is not assigned to a workcenter.

this is also quite impossible to maintain since it's not fixed which personel number works for which working center ?

it was also mentioned in where they wanted to get rid of this message. we never had this message and now we get this nice feature for free suddenly

is it possible to customize this message out of the system ?

on the production system there have been no changes to the programm LCOI0I11 since 05.07.2005

I also tried to check if someone entered personell to workcenters which could have triggered this message but I checked authorisation and I'm the only 1 who can change workcenters .

anybody got a clue how this message could appear all of the sudden when there are no transports done in the last week ?

kind regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I expect it is appearing after the changes in note [1154511|], this is included with patch 13 for release 600.

The message is issued as a warning if the person number entered is not setup for the Work Center / Plant. You can check the assignments through transaction CR03 - In the capacity tab, double click on the capacity category and then click the HR Assignment button. Here you will find a list of the people assigned to this work center.

Use CR02 to create the assignments and avoid the warning message. It is hard coded so no customizing is possible.


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we have checked the assignment and scheduling. only problem is what I can remember that you can only assign a person once to a workcenter. here a person can work for multiple workcenters

Hmmm I see that things have changed and you can also add the organisational units to the workcenter and can use the same organisational unit for more than 1 workcenter. that looks promising

Edited by: A. de Smidt on Oct 27, 2009 4:30 PM

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A comment on the Note 1154511: To the developer who wrote the correction:

Why didn't you correct the module EP_PERSON-CHECK in LCOI0I11 and keep dialog matters in a screen module well away from business logic in the subroutine.? Your correction has just broken the order BAPI, because you are now raising a dialog message in an RFC connection. How can that be you ask? well since 4.7, the subroutine ep_person_assignment-check is called by FM IBAPI_O_PERNR_CHECK , which is called by the order BAPI.

One step forward, two steps back!

And indeed, the subroutine didn't even need correction. It does tell you that no persons are assigned to the workcentre (EV_SUBRC = 11 ). What was missing was the corresponding handling of this return code in the module EP_PERSON-CHECK. If it had been done there, you could have simply added "or 11"

WHEN 4 or 11.



"/ Die Person &1 gehört nicht zum Arbeitsplatz &2


"/ Exception raised by FB COI2_PERSON_OF_WORKCENTER

And no - I'm not going to bother raising a message for this. The process of getting past the gatekeepers is just not worth the effort anymore.

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I noticed that in IR02 I could also add the entire organisation to the workcenter so that solves the problem of the message

still it remains a stupid enhancement

kind regards


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the answer! This was really helpful on 2 cases for me. I will write examples with my search keywords. Hope others find quicker solution to their answer.

Case 1: Transaction Code IW41 / IW42: PM Order Confirmation.

Search help for Personnel No. (AFRUD-PERNR) returned with message DH801 "No values found". No specific search help mentioned for the field.

Case 2: Transaction IW31 / IW32: PM Order Create / Change (Service Order Create / Change)

Operations Tab. Select an operation. Press "Internal" button.

Search help for Person. no (AFVGD-PERNR) returned with message IH047 "No objects were selected". No search help is assigned for the field.

After assigning employee numbers to Work Center I could be able to list personnel numbers for both fields.

Thanks & Regards, Ata

Edited by: Ata Nimetoglu on Mar 1, 2011 11:26 PM

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