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MESSAGE DASHBOARD - Delivery Schedule of Sales Scheduling Agreement – Receive, Update (B2B) API

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Hi Experts,  We are implementing SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Essentials in an automotive supplier.  The following API is being used to update delivery schedules and delivery schedule lines of sales scheduling agreements:  Delivery Schedule of Sales Scheduling Agreement – Receive, Update (B2B) API  At the moment, we are testing the communication with the different customers in the Q system.  The problem is that some of the SOAP requests that customers are sending are not correct.  We are getting the following error messages in the message dashboard:    We think that the error message is too generic and does not give information about the field that is causing the error.  Furthermore, the SCP is not able to trace the error because the trace can be activated only for a few minutes.  Finally it is not possible to download the WSDL file when we get these kind of errors.    Is there a way to trace technical error?  This is important for our customer because if sales scheduling agreement delivery schedules are not updated, they will not be able to deliver goods at time, which will cause a problem between the automotive supplier and its customer.  Thank you very much in advance for your comments,  Best regards,  Jorge.  

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Ensure that all the required fields have been filled - see the following documentation for more details:

If this does not resolve the error, try entering the payload manually into the associated app - any problems with the data will be flagged during the manual entry.



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