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Merit and Demerit of SuperBom

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Dear Experts

I am investigating about SUPERBOM.

I would like to know its MERIT and DEMERIT.

What I am thinking is below.

If you have other ideas, please add.


1. Manufucturer can handle various demand from clients and customers.

2.Efficiency of Master Maintenance. In case there are 4 parts and each parts has 4 options,

There should be 4x4x4x4=256 kinds of Product-Code and Bom and its routing.

3.The parts are AUTOMATICALLY selected according to the selection from clients or customer, so it is easy to manufacturing.


1.The setting is so complicated, that user could make mistakes.


Ryo Ishibashi

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Answers (2)

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Please refer this link



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Dear Guys

Thank you very much for your answering.

I am really happy to know information.

Ryo Ishibashi

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Hi Ryo Ishibashi,

There are many merits of using super BOM other then what you mentioned in your question.

Best way please Go through sap help, it will give you detail idea of the concept, and you would be able to frame your question in more specific way.

In short i can only say, when ever you have end product with multiple options available , its easy( easy in terms of maintainance as when ever there is change aplicable to all it can be done in single BOM) and convient to use super BOM concept. But at the same time writing error free dependencies, assignement etc is time consuming as well as it require expert SAP skill set.