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Memory Usage

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Hi All,

This may be of interest for all developers.

I just received the following answer from the SAP Customer Support regarding the large footprint of an Add-on using the DI.


"Just got reply from developer side.

It is a normal system behavior and not a problem.

Currently, a DI connection will use about 50 MB and UI connection will use about 10 MB memory.

For the case I mentioned the memory will be decreased when you minimize window, in fact, it is because windows use Virtual Memory instead of Actual Memory, it is still not changed.

I am sorry about any inconvenience, we will try to improve system performance in the future version."


Well, I think the memory load is a problem, especially when several Add-ons using the DI are running...



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gerold

I think it's a problem too. I'm coding an implementation addon using UI/DI API.

First i decided to split it up into 3 different addons. But after reading the forums here i decided to put it into 1 addon.

It's bad for maintenance but has a smaller memory footprint.

(and i have to get only one solution - license...)

Just my 2 cents

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