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Memo Value in percent (not amount)

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Hi to all forumers,

I would just like to seek assistance re: this concern of ours wherein our client requires that for a specific asset class, the remaining 15% of the book value will not be subject for depreciation. For example, an asset with acquisition value 10,000 has already gone past it's useful life of 5 years, there should still be a remaining book value of 1,500.

I browsed thru the forums, and saw that it is possible to configure a memo value per asset class using t-codes (OAYI and OAAW) but found out that I have to indicate an amount and not a percentage of the book value. Is there a way I can set-up this requirement of our client?

Many thanks and best regards!

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Hi Patrick,

In the asset you have the option scrap value.

In the asset the tab Depr areas click on the line.

There you have the option to fill-in a value or an ammount (when the field is not hidden)

An other option is the depreciation Key (AFAMA) here you can create a setting Cutoff value key. In you case you have to make a key with 15%