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Measurement reading transfer from Number of measurement point to one MP

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Hi Gurus,

My client wants to the report of power consumption thro' SAP.

1) For that, i wants measurement reading difference transfer from number of Measuring Point to one measuring point in accumulative way.

So that, i get Hierarchywise power consumption.

Can you suggest me how should do that?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Santosh,

As per my knowledge flow will come from top to bottom only.

And also we have one functionality to transfer measurement reading but there we can only transfer reading from one point. So Reading accumulation is not possible but what you can do that you can make one entry list for all Measurement Points which you want to link and then you can see all consumption together for that list.

Also you can kame some report to given you total reading for this entry list.

I hope this may help you some what.



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Thanks for reply

I think Ztable creation will solve my problem.

also to make the end user life easy i want to introduce the multiplying factor for each measuring point as each energy meter is having different multiplying factor.

by fetching this ztable I can get total energy consumption & power factor.

*Can any one share me, there experience in solving this kind of problem.*

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