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meaning of dates on FI transactions

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Dear all ,

I 'm really confused on many existing date entries on FBL1N transaction (Vendor Line items ).

Can you help me to understand the meaning of following dates

Entry Date

Document Date

Posting Date

Thanks in advance ...


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Answers (2)

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Entry Date: Which generated by the system automatically. This date you can't change.

Document date: This will be always Vendor Invoiced date. Eg--> you got the invoice from Vendor on 05-05-2009. But that invoiced was prepared on 02-05-2009. this 02-05-09 will be treated as Document date.

Posting Date: This will be the date on which date you are verified and entered in your records. You received the invoce on 05-05-2009, but you checked and posted in 06-052009. this 06-05-2009 will be the Posting date.


Dharma Rao. Yekula

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Entry date is when you have entered the accounting document into the system (system date and time stamp). Document date is what you have entered in document date field while entering vendor invoice. This is usually the date on the vendor invoice. Posting date is again what you have specified in the posting date field while entering the vendor invoice into the system. This is the date that is checked by the system for posting periods, etc. Posting date is the date according to which the transaction gets into a specific posting period of the fiscal year.