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ME87 and ME88

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We are on EHP 7, SAP_APPL 617, we have not gone for archiving any more since 2003,

now due to the performance problem, we want to aggregate the EKBE need advice on the tcodes and functioning ME87 and ME88,

Is there any option available for MASS transaction to do so?

how to aggregate PO history having if PO/SA is having multi line items?

Is there any program to aggregate the same in one go? --gone through the note 574494 but its valid till 605 release,

Is there any prerequisite to do the aggregation/deaggregate?-- gone through Note 382797 which will be taken care,

Please share your experience and valuable advice


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Is ME87  different in EHP7 compared to earlier releases?

If I schedule ME87 then all records in the selection get aggregated

It aggregates all PO history per category of PO history. It keeps the last PO history entry alive as is, and aggregates all other documents into one summary, precondition the records are older than 2 months. With a modification you can even aggregate to the current date.

This means with other words aggregation makes only sense if you have 3 or more goods receipts per PO item, and 3 or more invoice receipts per PO item ...

The 3rd record (the newest) will stay unchanged, and record 1 and 2 will be aggregated.

The note 574494 is for the dis-aggregation. I think the report from this note will still work in higher releases. Open a ticket at SAP to be certain, I think they will just add 607 to the valid releases.

There are prerequisites and restrictions

as explained in KBA 1596184 - ME87 does not aggregate PO data

and OSS note 756293 - ME87 Aggregation duration purchase order history

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Thanks Jurgen for your guidance,

Please refer following screen, the PO is having more than one line items,

In this case every time i have to select the line item and hit on save aggregation,

The system doesn't aggregate in one go. here i have selected first line item and last item to aggregate, Is there any option available to carry aggregation for PO having multiline items

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I know this screen and the behavior online in foreground, but you should test to run it batch. Enter your selection in ME87 then choose from menu Program > Execute in background

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Thanks Jurgen,

For issue of Zreport deaggegation of SAP note 574494, we raised it to OSS and SAP extended the release up to 618. Now we will implement it and test further.

Thanks for all your guidance.