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Hi, all

i need the following fields from the output of the transaction me2l.

1. To be delivered(Quantity) MGLIEF

2. To be delivered (Value) WTLIEF

3. To be invoiced(Quantity) MGINV

4. To be invoiced (Value) WTINV.

input to me2l is.

scope of list ALV.

Document Number xxxxxxxxxx.

and NOTHING else.

my question is

in which table and what field this data will be there. if nowhere then is there any calculation i should do like manipulating some other fields to get these fields.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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to be delivered & invoiced details will not store in any table. we have to calculate these values based on the deliveries made & invoices against PO. Check the purchase order history. From there you can get the idea. you can get these details from ekbe table.

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