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MD50 for single material or MD50 for all components

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Dear experts,

I have configurable product A and configurable semi-product B under A. I have a sales order 1001-10 for material A. I run MD50 and i get planned orders for material A and B. I created production order for material A. I decided not to produce B later and transferred material B stock from sales order 1002-10 to 1001-10. So i did not create production order for B. I produced A delivered it and closed the sales order.

At the end when i look at the system there remained planned order for material B SO 1001-10. If i run MD01-02-03 i know the planeed order will be deleted but due to performance issues i do not want to run MRP whollay for the configurable material. I want to run MD50 or sth like that specil for SO 1001-10 and material B. How can i do that.

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