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Hi please advise when the planning file entry will be updated.

in normal condition, the indicate of md21 netch will be updated when new reversation creation.

but some materials can not updated automatically. and the result of md01 is wrong.

may i know how to handle it?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Alinang

The planning file entry is updated whenever an MRP relevant change is posted, and here are some examples

- A new sales order, purchase order or production order is created (as long as they are relevant to MRP);

- A goods movement is posted;

- A reservation or dependent requirement is created;

For the goods movements, however, there are some exceptions. For example, if you are posting a goods movement with reference to a reservation, on the exact date where the reservation was planned and with the exact reservation quantity, the planning file may not be updated, as there was not changing in the planning situation. You can change this behavior in the customizing transaction OMIY and I suggest you to read carefully the information contained in note 27153.


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hi Caetano,

yes , the resevation is created by MRP running (md01)

but we found that many materials is not running and the planning file entry is blank in md01.

for this situation ,we can use t_code MD01 to run.

so , i want to konw how list all material for above situation.

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When you create a discussion and start adding additional information as asked by the members, please add the same under Comments and not under Answer as you were not answering but sharing additional information. Also, when you add under comments, a mail will be triggered to who you respond. By the way, I have converted your above Answer to Comment