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MD16 List with Field RM61P-MAKTX

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I have a problem with the display of the list from the transaction MD16. I would like the material short message (RM61P-MAKTX) with. In the Settings list to the text will be offered with. However, only with a length of 0 characters. How can I change this? All other fields can I show or hide. Only in the short text, there are problems. Can anyone help?



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Hi J.V.,

In standard the table controll of MD15 is working automatically with

'basic setting'. You can check this by pressing the table control

button in the corner top right:

Choose variants

Current settings Basic setting

Standard Setting Basic setting

In basic setting the field RM61P-MAKTX has a length of zero.

You can resolve your issue in the following way:

In table control please move your cursor slowly from field material

number rightwards to field ''.

The fat vertical line from cursor gets splitt in two thin lines.

Please press the right mouse taste and bring up field RM61P-MAKTX

by moving the mouse rightwards.

Please create now a new variant for your table controll:

Press table control button in the corner top right,

enter a variant name, use button 'create', button 'administator', there

you can see the length of RM61P-MAKTX, use button 'Activate', button

'close', save table settings.

When your variant is saved as standard setting, the variant will occur

every time when you´re stepping in MD15.

Hope this can help