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MD09 Pegged Requirements History

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Hi Experts,

I usually use the Transaction MD09 To know the origin of a necessity, However , after a while this information disappears and can not establish the origin a purchase order or requisition

Please could you explain me, when are the pegged requirements broken? (For example with the  goods receipt), and if it is possible to obtain the origin of a necessity or the route from requirement to ERP element for a Purchase order o purchase requisition in the past?

Best regards,

Alejandro López.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


The pegged requirements displayed on transaction MD09 are builded dynamically, based on the information from transaction MD04. I suggest you to read carefully note 12955, which explains the design of this transaction in more detail. This note provide, for example, the following information:

The respective current data on stocks, issues and receipts of the materials in question is evaluated in the pegged requirements display. There is no index that the system could use to determine which issue element (sales order, planning, reservation, dependent requirement, ...) is covered by a certain receipt element (purchase order, production order, purchase requisition, planned order, stock level ...). The current stock/requirements list for a material is determined in this case. The system then determines for each receipt element the issue elements that consume this receipt. In this case, the first x units of measure of the receipt on the time axis are consumed by the first x units of measure of the issues. Here, only the sequence and quantities of the receipts as well as the sequence and quantities of the issues are important. For the calculation it is unimportant whether the issue was made before or after the receipt or whether the issue and receipt quantities match each other.

Therefore, if the requirement is not displayed on MD04, you will not have any results on MD09.



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