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MD06:MRP List issue

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Hello Gurus,

I have query related to MD06 list.

When we reach the variable print option on transaction MD06, system

will display the total number of exception messages of each group that

are triggered for a material. Therefore, when you try to apply a

filter, these are the values available for filtering. That means, you

cannot filter for a specific exception message, only for how many

exception of an exception group were triggered.

Is there any option available to extract the exception message specific data on MD06.

We are able to filter by highlighting the required exception messages but not able to extract these highlighted exception messages.

Can anyone knows how to extract this exception specific data from MD06.

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (4)

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MD06 only has the exception groups, otherwise the screen should have as many columns as exception messages you have, which would be not a nice report.

As was mentioned by the expert Rajen Madan, you can use BAPI: BAPI_MATERIAL_MRP_LIST and create your own report collecting the exception messages.

I made a similar program collecting the messages from the Stock and Requirement List (not the MRP list). Anyway, the only difference is the function module in your case. Here you can see the ABAP code:

Kind Regards,


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Statistics are available at exception group level by standard programs. You can use reports RMMDAS10 (you need to maintain proper selections in configuration) or IP_MDAS10_46C programs to get group wise statistics.

However, if you need exception message wise statistics you can get a custom report developed using function BAPI_MATERIAL_MRP_LIST or MD_MRP_LIST_API (not released for customers and you should use the BAPI version).

Best Regards.


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You could download data in excel and then use the filter in excel sheet.

Best Regards,


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hi Nitin,

hope this helps

Table of mrp exception messages | SCN