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MD06 Issue - Planned orders not getting displayed

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Planned order with the exception "Newly created order proposal" does not get displayed in MD06 with the option "Only Unprocessed MRP Lists" in the processing indicator.

I am running MD06 report with the following parameters:


MRP Controller

Exeception Group - All exception selected except 8-Terminations

Processing indicator - Only unprocessed MRP LIsts, Only with new exceptions

My material which has a newly created planned order thorugh MRP run with exception "1 - Newly created order proposal" does not get displayed.

Only when I specify Only processed MRP lists or All MRP LIst in the processing indicator, this material gets displayed. The planned order is for a Stock Transfer order to this plant (receiving plant). How is the MRP LIst processed?

Please help me out with this issue.



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Hi Ketan,

When you execute the MD06 report, you would find a column with the heading CI, if am right it would be just after the MRP cntlr, here you would find a Pencil & a tick mark. If you find them both, it means the row is unprocessed, but if you find only a tick mark it means that the row is processed.

So now check for the planned order, it would be just a tick mark & hence would be showing only for the processed MRP list or all MRP lists.

To process a row or unprocess, just click on the icon & it changes.

Check & revert if it answers your query.



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Thanks Vivek