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MD04 - no stock in requirement list

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Dear Guru's,

Hopefully you can find the solution to this probably simple issue.

I've set up a new plant and am now testing the MRP run.

When I look in the requirement list (MD04) there is not even a mention of the stock level.

I checked:

- plant parameters same as a plant who does give me a stock line overview

- MRP activated for plant

- MRP fields on the materials are filled

What could be the issue here?

Thanks for helping!!!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You may wanna check

1. If a filter is active on MD04

2. Check the current stock type in MMBE

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Thanks for the quick response!

There is no filter on the MD04

There is no stock of the material (or any) in the plant, but that should not give a problem no? It should still mention stock 0 which it doesn't. It just gives a blank screen.

I've done the comparison with the same material in a different plant (also with no stock) and there it at least gives the line stating stock is 0.

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I will assume that you are using the same material number to display in both plants during your test. Check to ensure that all proper tabs of the Material Master have been created in your new plant. MM03; MM01 if any are missing.

Check to see if the Material Type in your new plant is relevant for quantity updating. OMS2.

Best Regards,


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thanks so very much!!!

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